Day 14: Young Living Is Much More Than Just Oils

by Carrie Raab on February 17, 2017

Day 14: Young Living Is Much More Than Just Oils

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These oils that we have talked about are products with a purpose and our for our health.  So why oils?

Because you need them in your home as part of a simple, chemical free lifestyle. When you see what the oils do for your own body and how they help create a chemical free home, it’s impossible to walk into the homes of your friends and family and see their bright blue hand foaming soap or their chemical laden shampoo that is in their bloodstream in 26 seconds and not speak about what you know. We share it because we love you and care for you and your family and friends and want to see you live a healthy, abundant. prosperous life. When you take care of yourself you can do what God has called and created you to do. If you are sick and in bed you are not living the abundant life.

They are not a quick fix or a “snake oil,” but a very important tool that we can incorporate in to a healthy, vibrant lifestyle that is full of wellness, purpose, and abundance. Young Living is more than just essential oils. We have an entire line of all-natural home products and supplements that can help you and your family achieve greater health and wellness.

Where do I get started? Simply go to and fill out the form. You will need an enroller and sponsor number. Mine is 1204786- Carrie Raab. Get plugged in to our resources to learn more how to use the oils.You can also start your first Essential Rewards order with your Premium Starter it!! You can add other amazing products for additional savings and be sure to remember your date so you can go back each month and change out your products. You will want to TRY every single product Young Living offers. They are all so amazing.

With your membership you will now have access to our private YL Oil Lady Facebook Support team as well as other private oily groups, plus over a hundred of audio teachings for further training and education.

If you are interested in the business opportunity that Young Living has, whether that be getting your products paid for every month so as not to pull away from your family’s budget or to replace or supplement an income, please contact the person who added you to this facebook event for more information! YL is your way out! Financial freedom to live your life and enjoy it to the fullest!

I hope you have enjoyed the past 14 days and are now confident to go out and live the Young Living lifestyle. It has been a pleasure to have you here!

Blessings and happy oiling!

Carrie- YL Oil Lady Team Leader :)

Not an oily member yet? Get started today!

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