Homeschooling and the Holidays

by Carrie Raab on November 14, 2012

Homeschooling and the Holidays

Do you homeschool?  If so, great! Let these amazing speakers inspire you throughout the holidays.  If not, PLEASE do not let the ‘title’ stop you. These speakers are to inspire and encourage everyone to get through the holidays stress free and to enjoy the true meaning of the season.  Listen to the speakers share ways to reduce stress, gift giving tips and ideas, ways to spend time with family and friends, and more.

 Making the Holidays Meaningful

When the fall leaves begin to shed I feel the fresh wind also takes “my peace that surpasses all understanding…” We’ve settled into our school, our studies are underway, we are cooking… making progress and then it happens, the holidays! And just when we were really doing well! What do you do? Chuck all the books and bake cookies and make crafts? Study all the harder to cram in the last little bit before Thanksgiving rolls around, or a little bit of both? What STRESS!! Join our wonderful expo panel and listen to moms who have survived the holidays with flying colors and share their scheduling, baking, praising and joyful tips and techniques with you! STRESS BUSTERS! The homeschooling lifestyle blends in perfectly with the holidays and we continue on without missing a beat! What fun your children will have celebrating the different seasons of the year as they continue to learn.


Pre Recorded Holiday Speakers Sessions:

Gift Giving Mixes

Felice Gerwitz

Felice loves baking! It’s her stress release. By using these great short-cuts and recipe mixes with you, Felice will shows you ways to cut down on your cooking time and allow for more time with family and friends! Best of all the kids can help! Download Session Handout for Subscribers Download Sample Audio Now!

Time with God in a Busy Schedule Pastor Mike Curtis

Time with God is the most important thing, right? Pastor Mike shares how he manages to put God first, even though he is a husband, father, and works another job as well as Pastors a young and vibrant church, Powerline Christian Download Session Handout for Subscribers only Listen to this Sample Audio of the event- Now!

5-Myths About the Holidays Homeschool Moms Believe!

Carol Topp

Homeschooling during the holidays? A nightmare for some, but not Carol, she explains away some myths that will save you time as well as money! Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!


The Wonder of God’s Love at Christmas

Meredith Curtis

God poured His love out at the first Christmas and pours His love out today. Take some time out and enjoy the extravagant love of God this Christmas. With ideas for activities and traditions that will keep the focus on Christ’s love, Meredith will remind you of the true reason for the season: Jesus! Be refreshed and reminded of how much God loves you! Download Handouts For Subscribers Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

The Gift of Health

Carrie Raab

Give the gift of health to yourself and others this holiday season. There is a way to keep your family stress -free and healthy during this holiday season, so you can enjoy the true gift: the birth of Christ. Carrie will show you how to make healthy holiday gifts for family and friends that are budget friendly. Download Handouts for Subscribers only Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Hassle-Free Holiday Headstart

Marnie Swedberg Marnie Swedberg is the time management mentor to some of the world’s busiest people. During this program she’ll take you through the Holiday Balance Wheel, a goal-setting session plus she’ll share six key strategies for taking the chaos out so there’s plenty of room for Christ this Christmas. Download Handouts for Subscribers Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

5 Exciting Thanksgiving Secrets

Lorrie Flem

As Christians who are also Americans, when we celebrate Thanksgiving each year, we try to conjure up the same gratefulness to God that the Pilgrims and many other founding fathers felt. Because of them we have a traditional Thanksgiving holiday and the concepts of self-government, a “hard-work” ethic, self-reliant communities, and devout religious faith. But, are we really celebrating the way our forefathers did? Download Handouts for Subscribers Only Audio Sample  Coming Soon!

Advent Celebrations Activity Making Memories

Felice Gerwitz

A special activity you can do with your children that will be remembered for a life-time. Download Handouts coming soon for Subscribers Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Homeschooling Through the Holidays: Can We Have It All?

LeaAnn Garfias

Everyone wants the white Christmas with the perfect meal and a holiday that is focused on the true meaning of Christ. What happens is far from the Norman Rockwell Painting. Join us as LeaAnn explains ways to have a “real” holiday celebration. Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Preparing Our Hearts

Judy Dudich

A great way to celebrate the season leading up to Christmas, so as to make Jesus the “reason for the Season” before the Season even begins! Download Handouts For Subscribers Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

I Just Wish Christmas Would Be Over! Felice Gerwitz

When the joy of the holiday season becomes overwhelming due to stress, finances or the strain of getting it all done something has to give! Felice shares a heart-felt session about priorities and tips to get you back on track. Download Session Handouts – ticket holders only Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Learning and Growing at Christmas

Meredith Curtis

Christmas is a great time to learn and grow. Learn about Christmas, symbols, life skills, decorating, communication, hospitality, and relationships during this season. Christmas unit studies are a great idea for homeschooling families too. Meredith shares some practical tips for homeschooling families to combine Christmas festivities with education. Download Handouts For Subscribers Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Holiday Fall & Christmas Arts/Crafts

Sharon Jeffus

Sharon is a master artist and graduated homeschool mom with two homeschooled adult boys. She shares her great ideas with all of us this holiday season. Download Handouts Here Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Five Books That Carry the True Meaning of Christmas Shirely Solis

As a professional book reviewer, Shirley chooses her five top favorite stories to share the true meaning of Christmas…She shares them with you, so you too will enjoy the “gifts” written inside these pages and apply them to real life.   Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Taking the Christmas Spirit on the Road

Judy Dudich

How can you share the JOY of Christ’s Birth with others? What love and assistance can you take to your extended family, friends, and community? Ideas for family projects and community service to brighten the “Giving Days” of Christmas and share God’s love with your neighbors! Download Handouts For Subscribers Click to Listen to the Sample audio now!

Like what you hear? Come listen to the LIVE sessions.  Subscribe and enjoy the sessions year round. Please visit Felice at Media Angels for more information.  A big thank you to Felice for allowing this to be shared on my blog and the permission to do so.

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