Thanksgiving Dinner Ebook

by Carrie Raab on November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Ebook



Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, besides Christmas! I love being with my family, gathering around the kitchen cooking for hours and then sitting down at the table- well several tables- and eating and fellowshipping for hours! Then, we get up and eat again, LOL, this time around its for coffee and desert! After we are beyond full, we migrate into the den and sit some more! Some family members venture up to eat again and it’s usually when we have put all the food away. :) The men like to watch football while the ladies like to socialize. The children run around the house and play outside too. They entertain themselves while the adults interact with one another.

What is your favorite dish? Mine is definitely sweet potato casserole. What is your favorite desert? Mine is pumpkin pie! :) 

How about you? What does your day look like? Comment below!

I have a wonderful Thanksgiving MEAL Recipe Ebook that I want to share with you! The recipes use Young Living Essential Oils! They add so much flavor and healthy goodness to every bite! 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie Raab :)

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