14 Days of the Premium Starter Kit

by Carrie Raab February 1, 2017

Tweet 14 Days of the Premium Starter Kit   Did I read that title right? Yep! Sure did! For the next 14 days I am going to share with you all the goodies in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and how to use your “starter set” of oils. Every day we will discuss a […]

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Which is Better? Essential Oils or Herbs

by Carrie Raab January 27, 2017

Tweet Young Living Essential Oils Which is better?  Essential Oils or Herbs? Essential oils are the “life blood” of the plant,  and can be found in the plant’s flower, stem, leaves, bark or fruit.   Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade essential oils–(‘therapeutic grade’ means that an essential oil has been carefully distilled to retain […]

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NingXia Red Equivalents

by Carrie Raab January 16, 2017

Tweet   NINGXIA RED- A juice for everyone… young or old   Antioxidant juice: 1 oz. of NingXia Red has the same amount of antioxidant levels as: 34 large onions 100 oranges 814 blueberries 22 medium carrots 10.85 pounds of spinach 55.33 pounds of almonds 59 broccoli florets 73 medium strawberries 93 apples or 130 […]

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Essential oils Help Release Emotional Patterns

by Carrie Raab January 12, 2017

Tweet Essential oils help release emotional patterns Did you know that 80% of illnesses are emotionally related? Emotion is stored in the cells of the body.  Essential oils work not only on a physical level but also on an emotional level. Have you ever noticed how the sense of smell can take you back to […]

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Young Living Free January Product Promotion

by Carrie Raab January 1, 2017

Tweet Young Living Free January Product Promotion January 2017 The new year presents endless possibilities for improvement—in our homes, in our goals, and in our lives. No matter how you choose to use January’s freebies, we hope that they help you make the most of this brand-new year. Young Living offers several ways to earn […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner Ebook

by Carrie Raab November 21, 2016

Tweet Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Ebook   Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, besides Christmas! I love being with my family, gathering around the kitchen cooking for hours and then sitting down at the table- well several tables- and eating and fellowshipping for hours! Then, we get up and eat again, LOL, this time around […]

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Young Living November FREE Product Promotion

by Carrie Raab November 1, 2016

Tweet Young Living November FREE Product Promotion Following the end of October, November comes bustling through and the holiday season begins. This is a wonderful month as it is a month to give thanks and celebrate your family and loved ones- Young Living is good at thanking us for taking such good care of our […]

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Juicing For Better Living

by Carrie Raab October 25, 2016

Tweet Juicing For Better Living Why Juice? Fresh juice provides us with many essentials: minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins and much more. All of these factors are vital to maintaining good health. You will find that when you make fresh juice a daily part of your diet, you will have increased energy, a glowing […]

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Discover Young Living’s 5 Most Popular Oils

by Carrie Raab September 12, 2016

Tweet Discover Young Living’s 5 Most Popular Oils Living an oil-infused life is all about simplicity! That’s why we’ve sorted through our extensive product line and found our five most popular oils to create a list we know you’ll love. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or filling out your collection, these are the oils […]

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Young Living September Free Product Promotion

by Carrie Raab September 1, 2016

Tweet Young Living September Free Product Promotion  Enjoy a few more outdoor adventures with September’s rewards! This month’s rewards are all about working out and enjoying September’s perfect days, so we’re going to show you several new ways to incorporate two of this month’s free oils into your exercise routine!   To qualify for these […]

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Young Living July Free Product Promotion

by Carrie Raab July 6, 2016

Tweet   Young Living July Free Product Promotion July is full of hot days and this month is the time of harvesting lavender oil in Mona, Utah, thus Young Living celebrates this month’s promotion by offering you lots of lavender!!! We all know lavender is the universal oil, so no matter what your needs are, […]

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Young Living 2016 Convention Products

by Carrie Raab June 28, 2016

Tweet Young Living 2016 Convention Products We revealed so many incredible new products at the 2016 International Grand Convention, it’s hard to keep track of them all! But don’t worry, we have you covered with a special introduction to each product. Read on to learn more. Live Your Passion Essential Oil Make your passions become […]

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10% Off Young Living Starter Kits- One Day Only June 10

by Carrie Raab June 10, 2016

Tweet 10% Off Starter Kits! ONE DAY ONLY! FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2016 Take advantage of this one day sale! Current members and non members this is for you. If you are not a member yet, click HERE to get started and to get your kit TODAY at 10% off.

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Save 24% off Every Day

by Carrie Raab June 6, 2016

Tweet 24 Percent Off Every Day! Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils at 24 Percent Off Every Day? You Bet! We’ve made our world-class essential oil products more accessible than ever. Not every oil is created equal—and here’s why We know you have plenty of choices when it comes to buying essential oils, but we want to […]

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Young Living June Free Product Promotion

by Carrie Raab June 4, 2016

Tweet Young Living June Free Product Promotion With June comes summer! Such fun… family, friends, vacations, lazy days, busy days- you name it, it all happens in summertime.  Young Living’s June promotion is full of essential oil-infused products that will help you make the most of every busy day. Simply place an order with the […]

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Skin Care Regimen

by Carrie Raab June 2, 2016

Tweet Skin Care Regimen   When it comes to your face, if you are like me, you have tried every product on the market. And if you are also like me, you probably have TONS of products sitting on your countertop or in a drawer, half way used.  You used it for a while, but […]

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