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Homeschool Blessings

by Carrie Raab on December 9, 2011

homeschool blessingsHomeschool Blessings

Thanksgiving has just passed and we are well on our way into December, getting close to Christmas!  The boys and I just got back from visiting homeschool friends on the coast of Florida. We spent a few days with them, simply enjoying one another, hanging out, playing games, going to the beach, cooking, making crafts, devotions, and so much more!

It is a blessing to homeschool your children

The boys and I were talking about homeschool blessings and we often find ourselves having this conversation.  Despite how HARD it can be at times, we choose NOT to focus on the difficult, challenging times, but to focus on the blessings! Always choose to focus on the good!  The cup is always half full, not half empty! 

One of the most recent blessings of homeschooling we just discussed was the ability to take a few days off of school, right after having Thanksgiving break.  We were able to go to the west coast of Florida, visit our friends and still do some “school”.  We turned our “stay at home and head in the books”, to a getaway field trip and still managed to do Bible, Science, History, and Home Economics.  The beauty of homeschooling is that we can do this!  We can do school when we choose!  I can easily catch the boys up if they miss a day of homeschool.  We can homeschool when kids do not have school, like on ‘teacher planning day.’  There are many ways to get around it.  If you are a homeschool parent, please never feel guilty for taking a day (or even two!) off!  It is refreshing and much needed!  My husband told me to do this for years, and I never felt that I could.  Once I finally did, I reaped the blessing of it and so did my children!

A blessing to fellowship with other homeschool families

The boys and I had a fabulous time with our friends off the west coast of Florida!  What memories we made and the bond of homeschooling is just precious!  The boys got along so well and we, as moms, were able to encourage one another and bless one another in our roles as both “mom” and “teacher.”  Kelli and I were able to share our hearts and pray for one another!  You can’t beat that!  If you are struggling, please find a homeschool mom who can listen, love you right where you are, and bring you back into the will of the Lord over your life.  No one ever promised homeschooling would be easy, but it is and can be done with love and grace from our heavenly Father and from good friends!

The boys and I now have another homeschool family who we can reach out to and connect with, despite the distance. God connects you to people in mysterious ways.  This friendship was actually established over the computer, twitter, believe it or not. When you are connected in Christ, the bond is immediate and the friendship is instant. The boys and I drove 5 1/2 hours to meet our “stranger” friends. It was incredible.  Never under estimate the internet and what God can use for His glory! The friendship started via a prayer need and it has only grown to a deeper relationship with one another. God has blessed my life through social media and I am honored to call Kelli a sister and friend! My boys are thrilled to have new friends to connect and interact with.

We need each other!  The encouragement and support is so important! This trip was only the beginning. The relationship God built will last forever!  Faith, hope and love… but the greatest of these is LOVE!  I loved Kelli the moment God put her in my life and I am honored to pray for a sister in need. I know she does the same for me!  This is true sisterhood. This is true friendship. This is what truly matters! Without love, I am nothing!!!

Not only were Kelli and I blessed, the boys were blessed too.  They bonded in ways that only God can do.  The boys had never met, never spoken to one another on the phone, didn’t even know their names or ages.  The only thing they knew was that they loved Jesus and they were homeschooled.  The minute we walked in the door, they were instant friends.  A precious bond made and created by our loving Father.  I was in awe, as I sat back and watched my children interact with their “stranger” friends, that became best friends in a few short days.  Kelli would agree.

Things we did on our homeschool trip

We went to the beach two days in a row.  The water on the west coast was pristine!  The temperature was cool, but that didn’t stop 5 boys. They went right in.  Me, on the other hand, had to tip toe in to the water.  We found tons of shark teeth the first day.  The boys were able to kayak and make sand castles.  The second day we went to a different beach and we found so many shells!  I have only seen these shells in a gift shop.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  We had the best time outdoors, on the white sand beach, just sharing life stories, and engaging God’s beautiful creation. We turned the outdoors into “science” and the lighthouse museum into “science” and “history.”  With homeschooling, the teaching opportunities are endless.

We also spent time in the kitchen cooking.  Kelli served us delicious dinners.  We also made home made cinnamon rolls from scratch, by grinding the wheat.  The craft skills did not stop in the kitchen.  Kelli was busy making a picture frame that she bordered with the sea shells she has collected on each beach trip.  To my amazement, upon completion of the project, she gave it to me!  What a priceless  treasure. 

During our time together, we also read Luke 2 together.  What a fun time discussing Christ with 5 boys.  To hear their hearts and answers were so beautiful!  We had great fellowship and were able to pray and encourage one another. 

Kelli and her family love the outdoors and God’s creation!  She is constantly writing articles on the goodness of God and His beauty. Her stories will inspire you! Her site is found here.  Please visit her site! You will be blessed!

Homeschooling is a blessing! I look forward to more adventurous trips like this!  I pray this post has blessed and encouraged you if you homeschool your children.  Even if you are not, I pray you were blessed because you are a parent and you have children.

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